Can One Simple WordPress Plugin Get You Double or Even Triple the Blog Comments Even Expert Bloggers Receive? Keep Reading to Find Out...

If You've Looked At Your Blog and Said, "I Could Really Use a Lot More Blog Comments I'm Getting Now" Then This Might Be the Most Important Message You've Ever Read...

From: Robert Plank
Date: Tuesday, 9:00 PM
RE: Double Your Blog Comments

I know you need more blog comments. Honestly, my main blog has over 100 posts and 3,000 comments (30 comments per post) and I STILL want more blog comments.

You want more blog comments the same way you want more money, a faster car, more web sites... you can always use more.

Lots of blog comments on your posts means:

  • Massive social proof -- others reading your blog instantly see you as an expert in your niche
  • Free user-generated content to give your site search engine food on autopilot
  • More loyal and active participants in your marketing funnel
  • You'll predict what your visitors want and buy with laser-accuracy... because they'll tell you flat-out!
The Average Blog Gets Zero Comments Per Post...

I know you've seen these blogs around the internet, even from marketing legends who can convert $1000 offers or send tens of thousands of eyeballs to a page with a single e-mail. Yet their blog posts have ZERO comments under them.

They have that traffic problem handled, they just can't get that traffic to CONVERT into blog commenters!

Maybe you're in the same boat as those people. But luckily, a single plugin can instantly rescue you from "comment hell" and give you a better performing blog, with more comments than some of the world's top marketers and copywriters.

How Do You Really Get More People To Comment On Your Blog Posts? Ask For Them!

It's all about the "call to action." Telling your visitors what you want them to do when they've finished reading. In sales and copywriting it's second nature, but many bloggers have never heard of it.

What a novel concept: after you've blogged about something, tell or ask your visitors to leave a comment below the post!

Problem: You might already have hundreds of blog posts or dozens of blogs... and do you really expect to REMEMBER to add that call-to-action at the end of every post?

Let a simple (but powerful) plugin do it for you instead!

But it doesn't stop there. I've been using the "Call to Action" plugin on my blog to double the comment rate, and even my most loyal visitors haven't noticed. That's because the call to action plugin asks for your visitors to leave comments in a number of clever and PROVEN ways including:

Scenario #1: "Just Give Me Comments" Strategy

Maybe you're the kind of person who wants the instant fix... and there's nothing wrong with that, it means you're like most smart people! The good news is that the "Call to Action" can be doubling your comment rate less than a minute after you click the Add to Cart button below.

Simply upload the plugin to your WordPress dashboard, activate it, and out of the box, the "Call to Action" plugin randomly shows one of 50 stock phrases proven to convert casual readers into commenters and double your comment conversion rates overnight.

But that's not all. You'll can an unlimited number of additional "calls-to-action" at the end of your blog posts (they automatically cycle through) OR use only the list of calls-to-action you specify.

The best part is that this handy little plugin is smart enough to detect if you've asked a question at the end of your post. If you have ended your post with a question, this plugin LEAVES the automatic call-to-action out! This way you can be assured you always end your posts with a question, or an urge to leave a comment, even if you forgot!

Scenario #2: "I Want 10 Comments Per Post" Strategy

Look, here's a strategy I have used with my blog from the beginning, and it's another reason (besides the call to action) that I get at least 10 comments to each post without breaking a sweat.

Not only do I ask for a blog comment, I ask for ten. I tell my visitors that I need at least ten people to comment on my blog post so I can continue posting content people actually WANT to read.

It's a ballsy tactic, and gets people thinking and talking, but there's a fatal flaw with it: every single post on your blog ends with "I need ten comments" even if that post has 10, 20, even 30 or 40 comments attached to it...

Luckily, the "call to action" plugin can remove the call to action after you've reached a certain comment goal:

  • Automatically stop begging for new comments after 1 comment, 5 comments, or even 10 comments have been left... draw attention to the posts that really need it!
  • Remember, because you can specify your OWN call-to-action messages at the end of a post, you can mention the "10 comment rule" automatically at the end of all blog posts!
  • Option to only show the call to action PART of the time instead of all the time... for example, only ask for a comment on 50% or 20% of your blog posts...

Scenario #3: "Keep Old Posts Alive" Strategy

Here I come to knock out one final problem plaguing bloggers every day: your visitors automatically assume older content is less valuable, simply because it's old!

We both know most of your content is extremely good and that all you need to do is PUSH a little harder to get comments on those older posts.

This is how the Call to Action plugin helps you to do that:

  • Display the call to action only on newer posts (i.e. items posted within the past 1 day, 3 weeks, 1 month, etc.) to draw lots of comments to them fast
  • Alternatively, you can set this plugin to only ask for a blog comment on older posts, so the new posts get their normal amount of attention but you give readers that extra PUSH to comment on old stuff...
  • Even hide the fact that you're using a plugin! Set the call-to-action to change every time someone loads the page, or even keep that message the same all week, all month or all year...

And guess what... the Call to Action plugin now adds "doodles" -- the same arrows you see on squeeze pages pointing people on your opt-in form, to get them to leave a comment:

PLUS: You can set a limited number of comments per post on your blog so every blog post you make becomes an event.

Get Your Subscribers Rushing Onto Your Blog To Add Their Two Cents While They Still Can!

It's decision time. Do you want to continue struggling to get more blog comments, or do you want to install this single plugin on an unlimited number of your WordPress blogs ask and tell your visitors to SAY YES to commenting, improving your site without you having to lift a finger?

  • You can place any text or HTML code calls-to-action...

  • You will install this plugin on as many blogs as you own...

  • You have 750 days of free upgrades as I tweak and improve the plugin according to what more users ask for!

Do the right thing, grab the "Call to Action" plugin below for a mere $17 and try it on me. If for any reason you don't get one comment extra this week or ten extra comments this month, contact me and I will promptly and quietly refund every penny of your investment.

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